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Japan is among the pioneers of bioindustry. National sales of bioproducts in 2010 were 2,43 trillion Yen (~20,7 billion €), of which 1,49 trillion Yen (12,8 billion €) were sales of recombinant products. Pharmaceutical firms with global operations are Takeda, Astellas, Daiichi Sankyo, Eisai, Mitsubishi Tanabe and others. In addition, there are international companies operating from a biotech background such as Ajinomoto and Kyowa Kirin. Many chemical companies such as Asahi Kasei, Kao, Toray and Kaneka have strongly diversified in various area of biotechnology. Window-to-Japan offers ready access to the R&D and business activities of over 100 such companies.

The database covers following areas:
Japan and industrial biotechnology
Japan and biotech startups
Japan and bioscience/Japan and bioresearch/Japan and biotechnology
Japan and biopolymers
Japan and enzymes
Japan and green biotech/Japan und weiße Biotechnologie
Japan and ecology
Japan and environmental biotechnology
Japan and stem cell
Japan and tissue engineering
Japan and health drink and food
Japan and metabolic engineering/cell engineering/synthetic biology
Japan and glycobiology
Japan and protein engineering
Japan and bioinformatics
Japan and –omics/genomics/proteomics/metabolomics/transcriptomics
Inhalt - Contents - Japan and marine biotechnology

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