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Japan and green biotech/Japan und weiße Biotechnologie

As white in Buddhism is the color of grief, the Japanese prefer the term “green biotechnology” for what is called “white biotechnology” (“weiße Biotechnologie”) in Western cultures. And “green biotech” bears also a notion of “clean tech”. In fact, already in the 1980ies many companies have established biotech laboratories. Thus, as examples, Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding started into Zymomonas mobilized based ethanol, Asahi Glass offers Schizosaccharomyces pombe based custom production of proteins, and the energy and materials conglomerate JX Holdings is active in bioleaching. Window-to-Japan offers ready access to a large number of industrial and academic research groups active in industrial biotechnology such as enzyme transformations, biopolymers, bioethanol etc.

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